High speed satellite services with reliable connectivity, ensures full time access so your enterprise can communicate virtually anywhere, anytime in all 13 countries in South America and surrounding islands.

RURALWEB’s basic portfolio covers broadband connection speeds from 64 Kbps to 8 Mbps with affordable plans, keeps corporate offices communicating with branch offices and isolated facilities wherever they exist at the most cost efficient delivery, tailored to your requirements.

RURALWEB’s solutions are transparent to various protocols, thus supporting Data applications, Voice and Video. VPNs are also available and can be supported.

RURALWEB also offers shared services plus high end dedicated single customer per carrier (SCPC) satellite links.

If your organization needs others services or solutions as hosting, collocation or VNO (Virtual Network Operations), please do not hesitate in contact us with pertinent additional details.

For additional information, please contact Mark Brady (, our International Director.

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